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Zooka is a Franco-British agency that optimises every aspect of the
digital customer journey with a data-driven approach that gets results.
No bullshit.

More visitors, more conversions and better intelligence = more profit


Boost your performance in search engines to increase your visibility and traffic.

Conversion & UX

Understand and solve the problems your users face and increase conversions


Let the data tell you how to drive your strategy objectively

Our mantra

Just fucking do it

We are here to give you honest actionnable advice which will help you cut to the chase and avoid overthinking.

We believe its better to get something  “out there” even if it’s not perfect, than to wallow in lethargy, trying to attain a perfection that does not exist.

96.65% of our clients love us

Why work with us?

Our unique mixture of French flair and British pragmatism

Out highly experienced consultants, at ease in all situations

Our transparent and honest “no bullshit” approach

Our unique data-driven and qualitative approach which gets results

Our Tools



SEM Rush


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Bing ads

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Google Optimize




Content Square (*official partner)


Google Analytics

Google Data Studio

Google Tag Manager

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